How can we add value to leftover raw material from the seafood industry to make this industry more sustainable?

How can digitalization help fish processing industries to be more competitive and resilient against uncertainty?



SOS: Salmon on Seaweed jerky snack and Salmon salt using salmon offcuts. Replace beef or pork such as salami or pepperoni.

Otoseed paper reusing raw material from the fish bones, otoliths and coffee ground (fish industry leftover) website:

OCEAN Natural Toothpaste: tooth paste usig cod bone powder replacing baking soda, mixed with egg white and essential oil

From Bones to Belly: New recipe upcycling fish bones along with idelandic seaweeds, seasalt and herbs. Fish bones for fish stock, and finely ground powder for bone crumbs coating for cooking.

Otoliths- Icelandic Pearl: Decorative beads alternativer using Otolith from fish industry. Replacing imported quartz stones for flooring and marble stucco and tabby shell stucco cladding for houses.

Bio-Bones: Alternative for polymer based water treatment materials, help neutralise led contamination and bacteria

Lavalox: dishes using farmed salmon offcuts from West Fjords fusing with seaweed and other ingredients