How can the meat industry meet changing consumer demands?
What can help to successfully rethink meat consumption habits?
What product and technology solutions can be offered that help rethinking meat consumption?
How to create carbon neutral meat production chain?
How to improve well-being of animals and ethical issue

Prototype products better fitting the market, develop new marketing strategies and tools for marketing



Die Wurst Flippers: New meat snack products combining pumpkin and using sausage off-cuts.

Meat Revolution: Chocolate coated meat cookies using sausage off-cuts, creating a sweet and salty product.

VollWALDtig prototyped high protein snacks:-Salami stick of 100% Game meat witha fat content under 5% and no additives-Biltong made from 100% high pressured Game preventing the problem of microbiological contamination resp. insuring a longer shelve life.

Lokavor: is developing an easy to use mobile application to connect locals producers (e.g hunters) to consumers.

Wildwechsel: developed a marketing concept matching local hunters (as “producers”of Game Meat)with consumers.

Waldfleisch: developed an app for the connection of hunters and consumers

Wilder Urlaub: developed a local marketing concept for Game Meat products in a regional holiday resort.

Green2Go: dehydrated,healthy instant vegan dish with freeze dries vegetables, pulses, legumes and meat alternatives.

Veg It Up: Instant food mix of meat alternative, upcycled grain from local brewery and spices in a sustainable packaging

Reciplug: Online plug in to the conventional recipe site for middle ages to make meat alternative recipe suggestions and information more approachable.

Altuna: Tuna alternative made with plant-based protein sources with innovative texturisation process and amino acid and omega 3.

Vegan Hotdog for football games: with charitable cause to motivate the sales.

Cooking for the Environment: Veggie cooking class promotion, educaiton materials for primary school curriculum

Beyond MEATing: Mea- free meals for business socialising for home office workers