How can we alleviate the poverty of cocoa farmers?


How can we trace cocoa from the farm to the factory?


How can we reduce or eliminate sugar in chocolate?



CocoaCrazy: Adding fibre and aerating the chocolate by increasing the air in between sugar molecules 

SugarX: Replacing sugar with sugar-coated cocoa fiber molecules

Cocoa-holy Trinity: Making an 80% cocoa chocolate taste like 50% cocoa chocolate by modifying the fruit and adding new, organic flavours.

CocoaChain: Applying blockchain technology to the supply chain steps in an app form

Cocoa Backpackers: Blockchain-based cocoa analytics data on farm yield and produce that can be used to reduce smuggling

CocoaPro: An apprenticeship programme for youth on cocoa farming and entrepreneurship

Cocoa-All-In: Method to recude water usage in cocoa production

Carbon Farmers: Cocoa farmers planting other trees and selling carbon credits to firms

Cocoa Hearts: Utilising the inner part (placenta) of the cocoa fruit as a new powder product for further revenue stream

The Long Run:Improving farmers’ financial strength through crop diversification and education