What can help the fruit & vegetable supply chains become more resilient to disruptions?

What can we do with leftovers from cut asparagus from a farmer and apple pulp from a juice manufacturer?

How to sustain fruit & vegetable intake in time of crisis?



Upgarden: Vertical vegetable growing boards for urban homes with limited space repurposing packaging waste

Compress: Compressible crate system to maximise the space within fruit & veg delivery bans

Flavour Maker: Domestic gadget for dehumidifying and blending to transfor fruit and veg peels into powders and granules

MICROP: home delivery of microfarms: a home growing kit for heritage varieties in the lcoal fruit & veg delivery box

More-Pak: Packaging solution made with fibrous waste materials on farms to help protect their produce and reduce the post-harvest loss in the developing countries with limited fresh produce storage/ transportation system

7-11 Quick kitchen:in-supermarket machine that generates healthy recipes and useful information using leftover fruit & veg for customers.

Forget-me-not: Educational kit and jigsaw puzzle to grow forgotten native crops to stimuate customer demands to enhance the local food security

Fruit for Thought truck: a traveling smoothie making service in a van for local farmers and schools to utilise the fruit surplus to make nutritious smoothies and soups for school kids and low income communities.

A (s) péro: a culinary trio of aperitif snacks based on asparagus mousse. No more boring carrots and cauliflower with cocktail sauce. A restaurant feeling at your home.

King’s bread : Bread using dried apple pulp: a delicious, fiber-rich white bread that helps more fibre intake

Breakola: Healthy, sustainable Granola using dried apple pulp, containing extra fiber and protein, fewer raw materials to produce the granola.

EaTwise: Delicious falafel with dried apple pulp as a binding agent. As a sustainable, plant-based meal for the catering industry.

Spring bulb: A praline with asparagus mousse: a luxury product that demonstrates the versatility of the asparagus to give a unique culinary experience.

Rep-eat: pastry, bread or butter cake baked using apple pulp flour